Online Registration Renewal for Arizona Residents: In order to avoid penalties and fines due to expired tags, previously registered vehicles in Arizona should be renewed on a regular basis. So long as your vehicle is eligible for online renewal, you may use this secure site to facilitate the process. Please note that you may either renew directly through the official state portal, or you may appoint us as your agent to renew your registration on your behalf for an additional fee that includes several valuable benefits.*
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Arizona Vehicle Registration

Registration Renewal Fees in Arizona

Renewing your registration will require you to pay a few types of fees: your vehicle registration fee, a late fee (if applicable), vehicle property tax, additional fees and, if you choose to renew through our site, our agency fee. The fees are broken down as follows:

Vehicle Registration Fee:

  • The state fee to renew a passenger vehicle is between $4.50 and $9.00.

Late Fee (if applicable):

  • If your decals have already expired, you will pay a late fee when you renew. The amount is determined by how long your registration has been expired and may be pro-rated based upon the number of months since expiration. Registrations less than 1 month expired assess a $8 fee. For registrations late more than 1 month, an additional $4 is added for each month past due.

Vehicle Tax:

  • This is the main portion of your renewal fee as you will be taxed based upon the appraised value of your vehicle. The amount will range based upon your vehicle's original MSRP and the age of the vehicle and as low as $10.00 or up to $500.00 or more. The amount range varies so much because it is based on factors unique to you. The amount you will be charged is listed on your renewal notice.

Public Safety Fee:

  • The PSF is $32.00 for each annual registration renewal.

Additional Fees:

  • Where applicable, there will be a postage fee reflecting the current postage rate added to each transaction. In addition, a $1.50 air quality fee is added on to every registration renewal. Additionally, an air quality compliance fee of $0.25 may be charged depending on the location the vehicle is being operated in.

Third Party Agency Fee:

  • This site charges an agency fee starting at $12.00 to process your online transaction with the state on your behalf. This fee is not required and will not be assessed if you choose to renew your vehicle through the official state portal. There are valuable benefits associated with this fee, including One-Click Renewal, Night/Weekend email support, quick status checks, error-free processing, MVD advocates and much more. We also guarantee your satisfaction, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • On the checkout page for your renewal, you will see the above listed fees detailed according to your vehicle specifications. The total cost to you will be clearly itemized for you prior to payment.
  • Please note that the fees that you will see associated with your vehicle on this website may be an estimate based upon the information you have provided to us (car type, vehicle location, etc.) and the final amount charged to your card may vary slightly when we process your transaction with the state. is a private third party agency committed to making your registration renewal as simple and secure as possible. When you renew with our assistance, you benefit from these valuable enhancements to the standard online process:
  • One-Click Renewals
  • Free Tab Replacement
  • Secure Processing
  • Night/Weekend Support
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Fast Response Times
  • No Maintenance Time
  • More Payment Options
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Text Notifications
  • Ticket Protection
  • Apple Pay Accepted


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